Pure Bliss Detox Bath Soak Salt

Pure Bliss Detox Bath Soak Salt


Detox Bath Soak Salt. It is a combination of blended salts, Rose Petals, Oats and Essentials oils. Bathing in this salt helps to cleanse the body, mind and soul of toxins along with improving the hydration and vital mineral rebalancing of the body.

It also helps with inflammation, joint pain and restless sleep.

On a Emotional level it can help with stress, anxiety.

On a Spiritual level helps with cleansing the aura of negative energies

Pure Bliss Detox Soak Salt can be used in a Bath or in a Foot Bath. Soak for 20 minutes. A great way to end a busy day with some warm water soak and have 20 minutes of stillness to reconnect with yourself.